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New York: now with extra ‘digital magic’ included for no extra price… part 2…

Yes, those are all versions of the same photo… this photo… That I took in New York, while I wiggled the camera around. I love those digital magic filters. And here is one more bonus picture… Extra wiggly!

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New York: now with extra ‘digital magic’ included for no extra price…

‘Oh, what are you up to now, Arthur?’ I hear you all asking yourselves. Okay, if the title didn’t make it clear enough, these are all of a photo I took when I was visiting my daughter in New York … Continue reading

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When your daughter adds Snapchat filters while you think you are just taking goofy selfies with her…

I sort of wish I really did look like that. Okay, I want those ears too. That is really what it feel like to be with Mollie. Uh… Well, there you go. Her ear placement is better than mine. Who … Continue reading

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Wet webs and digital magic… part 3… (or): See, I told you we were done with the stupid cat pictures, so back to the usual unusualness!!!

Yes, we are back to taking those photos I took of spider webs after I misted them with fake dew, and doing some digital magic on them, just to see what we can come up with. Ironically, that filter in … Continue reading

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Tripping the light fantastic… wait, what the heck is that?… part 6…

Well, obviously, that is another version of that same thing from the last post in this series, but not the first posts in this series, which were all versions of some other thing. So, what I am telling you is … Continue reading

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A closer look… part 10…

Kaleidoscope it… Or kaleidoscope animate it… Make it neon… Or animate it with crazy colors… Swirl it… Water color it… Turn it into smoke… Or turn it into fire… It’s still just a close up photo of a knothole in … Continue reading

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A closer look… part 9…

Is it a picture of some strange corner of the universe, taken through the Hubble telescope? Is it a model of the human brain made with neon lights? Is it a sketch of a piece of gold in a gold … Continue reading

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