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Some flowers, some baby ducks, some fish, a guy playing with fire, and a paddle wheeler boat… in San Diego???

We went down to Mission Bay, here in San Diego, last night. Just for the heck of it. I took a few photos. Because I know how much you love that. I took these at the Catamaran Hotel. Because in … Continue reading

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No words… just flowers…

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Some flowers… from my mom’s garden…

We will take a short interlude from Comic Con and sunsets to look at pretty flowers… I like flowers. I do lots of posts about flowers. If you like flowers, you should scroll through my entire blog looking for more … Continue reading

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Layers of flowers…

You know how sometimes, you go take a picture of flowers, and there are more flowers behind that flower… This is a good time to play with your camera focus… just sayin’… I mean, there were just a few flowers … Continue reading

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My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read the first post…. part 5…

One of the most beautiful girls in the world in one of the most beautiful places in the world… Mollie in St. Chapelle, Paris. Lunch at the Louvre… say that five times fast. Mocking the statuary… an old family tradition! … Continue reading

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A grouchy cat, a minion in tie dye, a hungry shark, some flowers, and some psychedelic cavemen… sort of…

We have reached the last day of my latest adventure to the Bay Area. I was still in Santa Cruz, visiting my cousins, While I waited for everybody to get ready to go out to breakfast, I took a few … Continue reading

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I had a really good tiger day… part 1…

So I took my buddy, my friend’s daughter, Olivia, to the world famous San Diego Zoo… (you have to say ‘world famous’ or the people here get mad!)… No, I know, her mom isn’t even working because she is due … Continue reading

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