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An open letter to anti-maskers… (or); Maybe it would help if you think of masks as pants…

Dear anti-maskers, I do not know where you got this idea that making you wear something somehow takes away your basic freedoms. We make you wear pants. We, collectively, as a society, decided that you need to wear pants when … Continue reading

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A closer look at stuff… part 1… An American classic: faded blue jeans…

I am still having fun with my new Christmas digital microscope. And see, I learned my lesson. I am not trying to make you guess what these photos are of. I told you right in the title. Heck, I will … Continue reading

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Back in the time machine… we are going to talk about 70’s fashion…

HA! I did that picture, and it is perfect for this post. For years, those of us that were born in the 60’s and came of age in the 70’s have been victims of cruel teasing. Young people laughed at the … Continue reading

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