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Messing with art and history; a ‘spot what’s wrong with this picture’ game… part 21… and this is to wash the image of a naked Trump out of your mind, like that could ever happen…

To unsee that other image, you would need to soak your eyeballs in bleach and get a complete lobotomy. I am sorry.

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I can hear you out there, judging me in your minds…

Stop it!!!

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Uncle Artie’s easy advice for making your life better… part 1… maybe…

I know, I give good advice on making your life better all the time, but this is just another of those silly things that will make you, and perhaps even the people around you, smile. All you have to do … Continue reading

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Sorry, this is all I have to give you…

Also, I am going to start a new blog series called: Fun History. I am listening to this English guy’s podcast about the history of England at work, and after 50 episodes, we are only up to Richard the Lionhearted. … Continue reading

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So, how do I add videos to my blog posts, dagnabbitt???

I got my sporty new phone. I have been playing with the slow-mo video. I have stuff to share. It is time that I figure out how to put videos in the blog… but I am a computer moron. Do … Continue reading

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And here is something to entertain those of you who aren’t interested in helping me with the cover of my new novel…

Consider it a gif-t… ha… see what I did there?

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