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Stick together… part 22… Dogs… wait, are we even sure that is a dog???

  Yes, that is a dog. A cute little dog. The same dog who is in this next picture… These might be my two favorite pictures from this whole series so far. Because I can take one photo of a … Continue reading

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Still more dogs and logs on blogs… now with more dogs!

We have three dogs at our house now. Two of them live there, one is just visiting. And, in my continuing effort to make tikis that are completely nontraditional, I am making one with facial features that have all straight … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 6…

That is what happens when you mirror-image a dog who has his head tilted slightly to one side. It took me a few tries to figure out where exactly to line up the two halves of this image. But this … Continue reading

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More dogs and logs on blogs…

Our dogs… although there is another one staying with us for the next few weeks. I will fill you in on that as the other project progresses… the new tiki-to-be… I am preparing the log. So far, all I have … Continue reading

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A dog and a log on my blog… oh, and a new sailor too!!!

The dog in question was this little guy, found wandering alone, without a collar, in that exclusive private community where I am now a security guard. No tags at all. Don’t worry, we found the owner, but I got to … Continue reading

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I made a new friend at work…

This is Ginger Snap. One of the other security officers brought her in, and I got to spend some time with her. She is a sweet little dog. And she cheered me up on an otherwise crappy day.

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Desert vistas… part 4… and some stuff about my new job…

While we look at some more of the photos I took on my way back to San Diego from Arizona, let me tell you about that new job thing. As a security officer, i can’t go into too many details, … Continue reading

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