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My dogs love me…


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Me, being annoyingly adorable, whilst napping with one of my dogs…

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Dogs… what are you gonna do?

Just be glad I cropped that image. But that isn’t even our smart dog, and he has almost mastered the concepts of ‘blanket’ and ‘pillow’.

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And now, some random animal photos for you to look at, while I finish editing my newest novel and doing the cover art…

That might be the best photo of a lizard I ever took. I saw him outside at work. He let me stick the phone right up to his face. Totally not intimidated by my size… or the idea of becoming … Continue reading

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Try to guess which of these are human food and which are pet food… yes… I know I said I wasn’t going to do anymore silly guessing games with the digital microscope I got for Christmas, but you don’t have to guess what kinds of food they are… just what kind of mammal eats them…

You don’t really have to guess. Here is what I looked at up close… My wife is now making homemade sourdough bread from starter. So just about every other picture above is of that… except for the one of some … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if you understand how much effort my dog put into eating my books…

So, here they are, the very first copies of my novels that I sent for from the company that does my self-publishing. The first version I can hold in my hands. I order one copy to do a final edit … Continue reading

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Random cell phone photos; (or): My second double rainbow in two weeks, a tumbleweed on a beach, my dog ate my f*&%$#g books, a really cold car, a cool bird, and an upside down cat…

Just clearing a few photos off my phone from the last few days of my crazy life. That is the second double rainbow I have seen within two weeks. What are the odds of that? A tumbleweed on the beach … Continue reading

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