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When your kid is starting nursing school right after Christmas… a holiday follow-up spectacular…

A fake arm to practice nursing stuff on. Rubber wounds to practice sewing up. A stethoscope with her name engraved on it. A blood pressure cuff. It was a good Christmas. Even though we didn’t do it in the Bay … Continue reading

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Happy late Christmas, everybody!!!

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Droning on… part 8…

This is, I swear, the very last drone video I shot in the Bay Area the Christmas before last, when I got my first drone. My younger daughter Mollie and two friends she invited to my mom’s house to join … Continue reading

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Pouring My Art Out presents: In the presence of presents… part 1…

I am ready to begin unveiling the epic saga of my Christmas presents received at that late-Christmas visit to the Bay Area. Those are a set of wood-carving chisels and a special carving hammer I got from my younger daughter … Continue reading

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A ‘Saving Christmas’ and ‘saving democracy’ hybrid… the final chapters…

Okay, this is the last post of two separate series. It is also my last day at my mom’s house in the Bay Area. We did it. With much quarantining and covid testing, multiple vehicles and some help from Amazon, … Continue reading

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Saving democracy… part 2… (or); The one-fancy-finger salute to tRump on his way out the door…

Okay.. what the actual heck?… I hear you all muttering. This could have been on the saving Christmas series of posts, but bear with me. First of all, to clear things up, why did I have one fancy, flame and … Continue reading

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Saving Christmas; part 3…

We managed to pull off our traditional Christmas dinner, after all the quarantining and testing and what not. Did I mention that I drove my mother-in-law’s RV to the Bay Area in a convoy with my wife, younger daughter and … Continue reading

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Saving Christmas; part 2…

We finally had our Christmas yesterday! Thanks, covid. But I would like to fill you in on what I did to try to save a part of Christmas for my wife, back when the rest of you were having your … Continue reading

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Saving Christmas; part 1…

Well, I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area again, and there is a long story behind this trip. But the main point of this adventure is to save Christmas for my family. We haven’t had Christmas yet. Our … Continue reading

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A Recycled Christmas… part 5…

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means… the monkeys from my self-illustrated children’s book—> available over there, in my sidebar—> are getting into the spiked eggnog again. *(NOTE… the monkeys in the actual book do not get drunk… … Continue reading

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