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A recommendation about an author from Arthur, who is also an author…

I don’t do this kind of thing often, but I have been listening to books by this guy on Librivox, a free audio book app. I am officially recommending G. A. Henty, 1832-1902. Yeah, this guy… He was an English … Continue reading

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More of what you are missing if you aren’t listening to my Pouring My Art Out podcast…

I did a live show. It got out of hand. Yup, music. I talked about mood alteration… and it isn’t what you think it is… mostly. I discussed a famous vagina… for perfectly explainable reasons. I read some parts of … Continue reading

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A short poem about fog, which has nothing to do with the adventure, except that I have been posting a lot of pictures of fog…

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A Recycled Christmas… part 5…

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means… the monkeys from my self-illustrated children’s book—> available over there, in my sidebar—> are getting into the spiked eggnog again. *(NOTE… the monkeys in the actual book do not get drunk… … Continue reading

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Zoos: An audio clip of a chapter from my action/humor sci-fi novel series…

This is a free audio book chapter, read by me, that explains why almost all races in all the universes end up inventing zoos of one sort or another. Hey, if it makes you curious about my books, they are … Continue reading

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So, let me see if I understand this whole ‘Superbowl’ thing…

A group of large men named after gold rush prospectors had a shoving match with a group of large men named in what I assume is a vaguely condescending and culturally insensitive way to Native Americans. These large men get … Continue reading

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A letter from William Shakespeare to Sam I Am… ( a repost of an oldie but a goodie)… now with a free bonus picture included!!!

Dear Sirrah, Still no appetite for thy heinous concoction doth my tongue construe to desire. Neither hither nor yon would’st such tinted and perhaps tainted fare present itself less foully to my palate. I dislike the notion of consuming such victuals even within mine own … Continue reading

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Wait, how many books have I self-published now, exactly?

Well, I am not good at math, but that looks like 8 to me. A four-part action/humor science fiction series, two self-illustrated books for kids, a murder mystery set in London during World War Two, and my newest novel, a … Continue reading

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My newest novel is now available… just in time for Christmas… HA!

https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/the-princess-rebellion/976d962f-ece3-4100-98f7-211abb73f207   Hopefully, that link works. If not, the one in my sidebar—> over there—> beside all my other books—> should work.

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So, uh, how would you go about editing this into a book???

Okay, this is just a random sample of a small part of my post that has over 45,000 comments. We are trying to set the record for the most commented-upon post ever done on wordress by someone who isn’t a … Continue reading

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