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Yeah… I know… Poetry… Sheesh…

You might well consider poetry to be a minor crime But still I am returning to the scene of the rhyme Or perhaps you enjoy it, and find it sublime If so, come with me to the scene of the … Continue reading

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Hello, new followers…

I hope you enjoy yourself in this weird, crack squirrel-infested swamp. Becuase you are not just visiting a blog when you come here. You are visiting the inside of my head. There is one thing I would like you to … Continue reading

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Wait… What???

So let me get this straight… An Islamic fundamentalist group attacked a mosque ┬áin Nigeria with bombs and bullets… A mosque full of other Muslims… And their reason for this is because mosques are spreading a perverted version of Islam… … Continue reading

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Not selfish at all…

Come on, people, this is an portent issue!!!

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Writer’s block… It’s like a beaver dam in your creative juices…

There you are, floating down the river of your creativity on the inner tube of your imagination, and suddenly you are forced to a halt by an obstruction, a dam that blocks the flow of your expression, a dam built … Continue reading

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I wasn’t planning on doing a corny post about things I am thankful for…

But I woke up this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, and as I mulled over ideas for a post about writer’s block, I was swept away by a sudden powerful feeling of just how lucky I was to … Continue reading

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To my friends all over the world…

I know we don’t all celebrate Thanksgiving, but wherever you live, I hope you have enough food to eat and family to eat it with…and a few things to be thankful for.

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