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An open letter to anti-maskers… (or); Maybe it would help if you think of masks as pants…

Dear anti-maskers, I do not know where you got this idea that making you wear something somehow takes away your basic freedoms. We make you wear pants. We, collectively, as a society, decided that you need to wear pants when … Continue reading

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Yes, I am getting older… and so is the cartoon me… but I am still weird!!!

See, the cartoon me used to have brown hair, and a goatee. The new cartoon me reflects the changes that are happening to me in real life. The young cartoon me was a wild and crazy guy… Especially when I … Continue reading

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Uh… I do a few posts with naughty pictures and my stats are booming…

So, what is the lesson here, exactly? I mean, I know I like to randomly tag a few posts with ‘free porn’ and ‘big boobs’ tags… (I explained this all in a post a long time ago; My theory is … Continue reading

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Here is another old post… because I have decided to try to edit the third book of my funny and exciting science fiction series all by myself… and that means I am going to be really busy…

This one was called: The naked truth… (and it talks about s-e-x)… ********************************** Why are human beings so weirdly obsessed with nudity and the reproductive act? What is it about the human body that makes the humans living in them … Continue reading

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Inner View… #3

Our next guest on my strange interview series in this guy, from this place: http://trentlewin.com/ He lives in the frozen North is a mystical kingdom called Canadada or something like that. Not only is he my number one commenter according to … Continue reading

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