I want to break the all-time record for the most comments on a WordPress blog post.


Okay, some of you will see this as a shallow attempt on my part to bump up my stats.

And I’m not saying you are wrong.

But here’s the thing… oh, thing, I missed you, where have you been?

I have always said that I have the best commenters on WordPress. I have two posts that have over 1,000 comments on them… True, half of those are my return answers to comments, because I always answer my comments, but still… And I will even go so far as to admit that my comment sections… OUR comment sections… are sometimes the funniest part of my posts. Are you happy now?

But this all has me wondering what the record for number of comments on one post actually is. I want to see if we can break it. Just for the fun of it. We will all be part of a social media experiment. We will all go down in the history books as record breakers. We can amaze and astound the WordPress overlords and maybe have them take notice of us.

And it will be fun.

Oh, and I am a little disappointed that only one person even commented on that cute picture of me as a baby in the last post I did, so here is your chance to make it up to me…

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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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45,071 Responses to *** COMMENT HERE ***

  1. LAMarcom says:

    The last record I broke was a 45 rpm record of “Crimson and Clover” that my Mom had purchased for me back in ’68. It was a birthday present.
    I listened to it once, then took a hammer to it.
    I hated that lame song.
    My Mom never found out.
    Thank God!
    Would have been the last of my B’Day gifts from her, but I considered it a ‘Crime of Passion.’

  2. Julie says:

    Let’s see….. I need a comment worthy of my friend…..Oh! How about a question instead? Well I guess that technically is a question, so how about another? Oh boy, this is turning into a vicious cycle isn’t it? See? Shoot! Wouldn’t Trent be proud of me? See? There I go again!

    Anyway, what did the farmer say when he couldn’t find his tractor??

    Give up? (Yet another question)

    “Where’s my tractor?”


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  4. Trent Lewin says:

    I feel like I need to deliver a healthy, heartfelt schmack to this fine comment blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So… schmack!

  5. I remember when this post was a wee baby growing up and it still keeps surpassing all of my expectations. Good show!

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