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It is that magic time of the year when I start reposting all my favorite Christmas posts… yay!!!

I was going to do a scathing rewrite of this creepy Christmas song, to try, in a funny way, to highlight just how creepy it really is… but when I Googled the words, I realized that I didn’t need to bother. … Continue reading

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The sad thing is that right now, there are millions of people out there who think tRump is doing a great job…

Most of them probably aren’t racists… although I bet more of them are than are willing to admit to it. Most of them aren’t actually morons… although, really, is a moron smart enough to know that they are a moron? … Continue reading

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My little Mollie is going away to college tomorrow…

I am going to miss her. I love her older sister, Jessica. But Mollie would put on tie dye and eat a lollipop with a scorpion in it if it would make me smile. She is my little flower child. … Continue reading

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This may be the hardest thing I ever typed on this blog…

But I am seriously considering unfollowing a few of you. I know, I am not happy about it either. But I try to read and comment on every blog posted by people I follow… and some of you have stopped … Continue reading

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