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Random cell phone photos; (or): My second double rainbow in two weeks, a tumbleweed on a beach, my dog ate my f*&%$#g books, a really cold car, a cool bird, and an upside down cat…

Just clearing a few photos off my phone from the last few days of my crazy life. That is the second double rainbow I have seen within two weeks. What are the odds of that? A tumbleweed on the beach … Continue reading

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Idle on piano…

Just some random funny pictures I made for my buddy, Eric, and sent to him on Twitter. His publisher is looking for a photo for a book cover, and I figured, why not?

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Christmas stuff…

My daughters, Jessica, on the left, and Mollie. Christmas Eve. I love those two. My mom still has the vase I gave her last year, the one I made in the glass blowing class, on top of one of her … Continue reading

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Famous men… as famous women… part 5… tRump as… tRump???

I had to do another one, because it is funnier to do a romance novel cover with an actual title on it. Also, I am rather fond of that particular author. Nobody does romance novels like that guy.

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Well, you may not have read the first three books in my action/humor science fictions series, but the fourth book is now officially finished and available to all…

Yes, it is finally finished. This book closes the story that began in book one. Follow our unlikely hero as he rises from a janitor at a Texas-style saloon on an alien space station, battling space pirates, unraveling plots and … Continue reading

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About my books… part 2… I have my new hook to write another book…

As I mentioned, way down there below the crazy bone pictures and the Trump observations, in part one of this series, my newest book is, for all intents and purposes, done. That would be book four of my action/humor science … Continue reading

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About my books… part 1…

The fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series is done… sort of. I mean, the changes of my final edit are done. I put it in my sidebar, but the link to go directly to where you can order … Continue reading

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