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Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

Yup, that is the liver and gallbladder belonging to my younger daughter, Mollie. I guess, technically, the gallbladder no longer belongs to her, since it was taken out. That photo is a close up of one of four photos, on … Continue reading

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So, my younger daughter, Mollie, had an organ removed… and all you got was these lousy and almost completely unrelated photos from my phone…

Okay, the title is a total lie. These first few photos aren’t completely unrelated to Mollie’s surgery. I took them of a big, thorny tree outside the medical center while the surgery was being done, on Coronado Island here in … Continue reading

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A note from my doctor…

Arthur Browne is unequivocally the most healthy human being to ever have a blog. He has the constitution of a horse, the legs of a super model, giant hands and feet, a lovely singing voice, and eyes you could fall … Continue reading

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Why yes, that is indeed a penis dangling over my head… and it’s worse than it sounds like it might be…

First of all, I want to say that I had so many ideas for a title for this post bouncing through my crack squirrel-infested cranium that the squirrels went nuts, gave up, and let me proceed on my own… Feel … Continue reading

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What a kidney stone feels like… part 1…

The nurse at the hospital said that she and her coworkers refer to kidney stones as: ‘the male equivalent of childbirth’… All I can add to that is: ‘Yay, pain medications’!!!

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Your heart is the beating pulse of the universe that is you…

… sending light to the furthest reaches of all that you are… Make sure some of that light reaches Uranus… Oh man… I crack me up… Seriously, if you are getting older, have you backside checked regularly. Wait… you know … Continue reading

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Your new gynecologist, a horror story with no words… part 7…

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