Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

a 1

Yup, that is the liver and gallbladder belonging to my younger daughter, Mollie. I guess, technically, the gallbladder no longer belongs to her, since it was taken out.

a 2

That photo is a close up of one of four photos, on one of four pages. The doctor who did the surgery had photos taken because Mollie is in college doing pre-med courses.

a 3

The surgery was done using robotic arms with some cool attachments. There was a little grabber to move stuff around, and some clippers that had an electrical charge in them that cauterized whatever they clipped. So, that is the inside of my kid…

a 4

And that is the outside of my kid.

a 5

That thing on the right is a thing that puts little plastic clamps on the cut-off tubes that once attached the gallbladder to the inside of my kid. The plastic biodegrades after a few weeks.

a 6

It is pretty interesting to be able to have these images of what went on in the procedure.

a 7

She is all better now. And instead of one big scar like in the old days, she has four little scars where they closed her up with magic glue.

a 8

There is the grabber arm, and the electrified clipper.

b 2

We live in an age of medical miracles.

a 9

But to me, Mollie has always been a miracle.

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4 Responses to Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

  1. Wow, really cool shots. I’m glad she’s recovered now.

  2. I’m glad she’s recovering. And I’m glad they weren’t photos of your insides. 🙂

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