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Defining a presidency: The ‘mushroom dick’ defense…

Of all the pathetic, moronic or downright evil moments of the tRump presidency, I have, after more than a year of thought, come to the conclusion that there was only one defining moment that sums up the surreal years of … Continue reading

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Stick together… part 41… Hands down… part 2, and the last of these mirror image things… at least, as far as human hands go… HA!

Sorry… I don’t know why the crack squirrels that live inside my head like these mirror image things so much… Usually they grow tired of a series and tell me to move on… I think they are just enjoying trying … Continue reading

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Wait… is that an actual sea monster… oh, never mind, it is just a whale penis…

Researchers, after looking at hundreds of old images of ships being dragged to the bottom of the sea by giant, mythical beasts, have determined that the most likely explanation for the giant tentacles reported by seafaring men is, in fact, … Continue reading

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Every freekin’ Photoshop I ever did of Trump, because I am that pissed off… part 17…

Because it’s Sunday… when else would I post these… I mean, if we are going to be living in hell on Earth… … I may as well extend my membership, right?

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Why yes, that is indeed a penis dangling over my head… and it’s worse than it sounds like it might be…

First of all, I want to say that I had so many ideas for a title for this post bouncing through my crack squirrel-infested cranium that the squirrels went nuts, gave up, and let me proceed on my own… Feel … Continue reading

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Warning!!! The next few posts are going to show pictures of a dick… Name this picture, a contest… or a game… or whatever… part 16…

Yes… I know… I try to remain family-friendly, but sometime the crack squirrels in my head get carried away…  and I am sorry… but it is going to get much worse… and you still need to come up with a clever … Continue reading

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You all laughed at the guy with the penis growing out of his head…

Let me back up a little bit. What I mean is that some of you who read my novel, or at least part of it, laughed at the character named VarnTa, who happens to carry his reproductive organ on the top of … Continue reading

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