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All I have to give you for Christmas is me…

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Important stuff…

So, I might be monetizing this blog. It shouldn’t annoy you too much. I imagine you already see ads here. But now, maybe I can make a few pennies from them. Also, I have set up a Facebook page for … Continue reading

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I am back, baby!!!

My laptop died. Long story. Hope you are all okay.

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Oh yeah… 4,500 followers… one or two of which are actually still looking at my blog…

So, that’s something.

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The Podcast… part 2… (you don’t have to worry about this one if you aren’t listening to my new podcast… it isn’t even in order, just stuff from three or four posts I did about meeting Eric Idle)!!!

Our seats were one row back from the stage. I could see John Cleese’s nose hairs! I could almost touch the stage with my foot. Oh yeah, there is my blue wristband. That is going to come up later, so … Continue reading

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I hope this works…

Okay, I did it at last… upgraded the blog so I could share videos. This is going to open up whole new worlds of weird… HA!

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Look, I know this is shameless, but I need your help…

I need you to go to my Pouring My Art Out podcast on Spotify and/or Apple podcasts or wherever, and give me a good review. Type in some nice words. Words like; brilliant, funny, hilarious, charming, witty, whatever. I honestly … Continue reading

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So, uh, how would you go about editing this into a book???

Okay, this is just a random sample of a small part of my post that has over 45,000 comments. We are trying to set the record for the most commented-upon post ever done on wordress by someone who isn’t a … Continue reading

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So, about my post that has 45,047 comments…

Visit it. It is right over there, at the top of the sidebar on the right. I do not suggest that you visit the comment post for my own benefit. Everyone should go there. You can vent, you can rant … Continue reading

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Sorry, new people, but this ain’t no travel blog… part 2…

This is where the crack squirrels that live inside my head come to play, hopefully keeping them too busy to chew on the wires up there.

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