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Catching up with my life…

Sometimes I get so caught up in whatever weird photography/digital art things I am posting about, I forget to post about how weird my life is. I finished a new tiki. It isn’t the most exciting one I ever made. … Continue reading

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That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 2…

The flaming plum pudding, a staple of our fancy English Christmas double-dinners. I won’t tell you about plum pudding again. I do every year. Search back for it, or Google it. But it is hard to take a picture of … Continue reading

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Christmas dinner… number two…

I am not making this stuff up. Every year, at my mom’s house in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have two Christmas dinners… exactly the same. That guy in the corner, stretching his neck, is my brother, Henry. He, … Continue reading

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We had a plum pudding… and it isn’t even Christmas yet!

Oh, yeah! Plum pudding! And yes, it is supposed to be on fire. Plum pudding is a traditional English Christmas treat… My family has them every Christmas, and my wife is now the official plum pudding,,, which has no plums … Continue reading

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Yeah, I made that… (Or): Teach your kids to cook before they move out…

Celery, carrots, bok choy, green red and yellow peppers… but the real secret is that for the meat, I used a rack of leftover barbecue ribs, cutting it off the bone and slicing it up. But that isn’t the main … Continue reading

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A fire-eating tiki monster, and a daughter who can cook… mmm… Father’s Day…

Oh yeah, look what I got for Father’s Day! Also, Mollie, our younger daughter made me a waffle iron-inspired meal… toasted cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread… cooked on the waffle iron… which was preceded by tater tot potato waffles with … Continue reading

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I can hardly wait to see what I am going to be cooking up for you next!!!

And I know you can’t either…

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Your new gynecologist, a horror story with no words… part 7…

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Don’t be crabby… it’s almost Christmas!

ummm……. Christmas……. with melted butter……..

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Best spam of the day…

Likewise, according to tradition in Shanghai, egg-skin dumplings (danjiao) resemble gold ingots and cellophane noodles appear like silver chains.

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