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Bones… part 7… now with no words for you to have to read… and isn’t that nice of me, not typing a bunch of words in the post and expecting you to actually not only read them but process their meaning and perhaps even make some sort of coherent response with words of your own that you would also have had to type, because, really, why would I lay that sort of responsibility upon you, I mean, this isn’t your blog, so why should you have to do stuff???


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Stand out… the final chapter… and some thoughts about blogging on Wordpress…

I tried to start a conversation about what it takes to stand out in a crowded world, and what makes each of us unique. The conversation never really got rolling. I blame that not on you, my friends, but on … Continue reading

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A note from my doctor…

Arthur Browne is unequivocally the most healthy human being to ever have a blog. He has the constitution of a horse, the legs of a super model, giant hands and feet, a lovely singing voice, and eyes you could fall … Continue reading

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Hey, new people, did you know my blog has a post on it with 44,662 comments, perhaps the most comments on any single post by a non-famous person on Wordpress?

Unfortunately, the wordpress overlords claim that this is the one statistic that they don’t keep track of. I do know that we couldn’t find any posts with more comments, and the few that came anywhere close were negative posts, and … Continue reading

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An interesting experiment to see how positive… or negative… your blog is…

Just go to that little search button below your top bar, and type in the word ‘love’. See how many blog posts pop up when you hit the search button. Then, do the same thing with the word ‘hate’. I … Continue reading

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Pouring my art out…

Colors collide… careen… crash… “Paint with me”, they beg Words whisper and wander… “Write with us,” they plead Inside the tiny vastness of my mind a storm rages… waves of imagination crash against a shoreline of bone… seeking release from the confines of … Continue reading

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Spiders of the world wide web…

We dance on strands made of words and ideas… we cast about ourselves a nebulous web of that which we hold most dear, and then perch upon the gleaming, silken filaments… we hope to lure others to see the beauty of … Continue reading

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