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Hey, I bet nobody else you know got up at four this morning and drove for miles just to walk out onto the Golden Gate Bridge to get you some photos… part 4… in which me and a cute kid help save the world!!!

That is my godson, William. He is the main reason I went to San Francisco the other day. Hey, don’t be like that. I didn’t have to get up so early and go over there and walk out of the … Continue reading

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Our tax dollars have been used to drag crying children away from their parents, and lock them in cages where some of them are being drugged and molested…

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Oh yeah…

My younger daughter, Mollie, got me a custom father’s day coffefe mug… which is appropriate, seeing that I am an actual Scottish Lord, thanks to my other daughter, Jessica. But I told that story already, so you should already know … Continue reading

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Kids and cats…

Went and visited our friends again. The twins are getting big. My little buddy, Olivia, is as funny and adorable as ever. I need to take her to the zoo again. And our cat thinks she is a monkey. Or … Continue reading

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Snorkeling babies, conspiring balloons, fancy cakes, and sunsets…

Okay, that bay is not really snorkeling… although I could Photoshop him into the ocean and defy you to tell the difference. My wife, older daughter, and I babysat our friend’s twin boys last night. But I have a few … Continue reading

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The naked truth… a reblog…

Why are human beings so weirdly obsessed with nudity and the reproductive act? What is it about the human body that makes the humans living in them so crazy? I bet I get hits on my blog just because I … Continue reading

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The twins… and once again, they aren’t my kids… are getting big.

They are starting to crawl now. They are some busy little boys. And my little buddy Olivia is getting bigger too. She is in school now. And she is an awesome big sister.

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