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Because, seriously, who else is going to show your their kid’s liver???

Yup, that is the liver and gallbladder belonging to my younger daughter, Mollie. I guess, technically, the gallbladder no longer belongs to her, since it was taken out. That photo is a close up of one of four photos, on … Continue reading

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So, my younger daughter, Mollie, had an organ removed… and all you got was these lousy and almost completely unrelated photos from my phone…

Okay, the title is a total lie. These first few photos aren’t completely unrelated to Mollie’s surgery. I took them of a big, thorny tree outside the medical center while the surgery was being done, on Coronado Island here in … Continue reading

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I figured out what is weird about my back-pain meds…

Mu head feels like it is in two places at once. They gave me an anti-anxiety med for my back pain, which is supposed to work ad a muscle relaxer. I don’t know if it is helping my back at … Continue reading

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My back hurts…

So I did something to my back, and I am in a lot of pain. The doctor gave me anti-anxiety meds instead of regular muscle relaxers, which are supposed to to the same thing… but don’t. And, because of the … Continue reading

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What a kidney stone feels like… part 3…

Okay, that’s the last one… I swear… from now on, I will use the pain meds only for good… like making fun of Trump…

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What a kidney stone feels like… part 2…

If, like me, you had never bothered to learn anything about kidney stones… other than the fact that they are extremely painful… here is something interesting about them. I always imagined that the real pain would come at the end … Continue reading

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Feeling anger at the political system? Try: Votetrumpicil!

WARNING… side effects may include: Shrinking of male genitals, decrease in hand size, projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhea, loss of brain function, impulsive thoughts and actions, hair loss, unexpected hair growth in unwanted places, toenail flying off, rashes, boils, sharpened tongues, speaking without thinking, … Continue reading

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