So, my younger daughter, Mollie, had an organ removed… and all you got was these lousy and almost completely unrelated photos from my phone…

a 1

Okay, the title is a total lie. These first few photos aren’t completely unrelated to Mollie’s surgery. I took them of a big, thorny tree outside the medical center while the surgery was being done, on Coronado Island here in San Diego. Don’t panic, my wife was in the waiting room. I like to pace when I am freaking out.

a 2

Also, don’t panic about the surgery. She is fine. It was two days ago. She’s 19… the young heal quickly. And it was just her gallbladder.

a 3

If you have to have something removed from your body cavity, might I suggest the gallbladder? When it comes to useless… or almost useless… organs, the gallbladder is right up there with the appendix.

a 4

Also, they did it with robot arms, so there were four small incisions instead of one big one like in the old days.

a 5

We did get four pages of high-def photos from the ‘procedure’. On a personal note, my daughter’s kidney is freekin’ beautiful… but stomachs look like a chicken breast covered with clingy yellow streaks of fat. I will see if Mollie will be willing to let me scan the photos and share them.

a 6

Speaking of photos… when I was emailing my phone camera pictures to myself, I sent a few older ones you haven’t seen yet. That is a little dog one of the security patrol guys rescued in that exclusive gated private community where I am a gate security guard now.

a 7

I have trained the patrol guys to stop by the south gate guard house on their way to the main gate, where they call the owners to come pick up their roving pets, so I can pet the dogs.

a 8

Good doggie!

a 9

And good security patrol guy!

a 10

Because trust me, dogs are much easier to train than the patrol guys are.

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