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A silly song I did: a rewrite of a Beatles song, done karaoke style, with two tracks of me singing, and some sloppy guitar work also by me, and with an added video because this song is actually part of my newest podcast episode… Some Silly Songs…

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Yes, I am getting older… and so is the cartoon me… but I am still weird!!!

See, the cartoon me used to have brown hair, and a goatee. The new cartoon me reflects the changes that are happening to me in real life. The young cartoon me was a wild and crazy guy… Especially when I … Continue reading

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Dear republicans, I understand the impulses that led you to vote for a businessman and Washington outsider…

But maybe next time, you could find one that isn’t a racist, sexist, defaulting, defrauding, morally and literally bankrupt, pathological liar with a fragile ego and delusions of grandeur? You know, one that isn’t such a dick.

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The naked truth… a reblog…

Why are human beings so weirdly obsessed with nudity and the reproductive act? What is it about the human body that makes the humans living in them so crazy? I bet I get hits on my blog just because I … Continue reading

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Upon reflection… (because ‘wet dreams’ would just be tacky) part 24 …

Okay, I wasn’t going to do any more flower reflection pictures… but then I found these guys… and they are just so… uh… anatomically correct… or incorrect… or at least politically incorrect… or something.

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Every freekin’ Photoshop I ever did of Eric Idle, because he is that awesome… part 37…

Once again, I would like to point out that the image of a pointing, naked Eric Idle was already floating around the internet from… somewhere… I did not remove his clothes with Photoshop… he did that all by himself… presumably, … Continue reading

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Well, I really am sorry, Mr. Eric Idle of Monty Python fame, but this is what happens when you let naked pictures of yourself show up on Twitter… and I am on pain meds… and have spare time… and Photoshop…

I don’t think he is going to mind… he still sends me tweets now and then… and he did get me permission to use all those Monty Python quotes for that alien in my sci-fi novel series that learned how … Continue reading

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Uh… I do a few posts with naughty pictures and my stats are booming…

So, what is the lesson here, exactly? I mean, I know I like to randomly tag a few posts with ‘free porn’ and ‘big boobs’ tags… (I explained this all in a post a long time ago; My theory is … Continue reading

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I don’t often sit around the house naked…

But when I do, you can be pretty sure I am blogging… I am… The most interesting blogger in the world!

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Woohoo… party naked!!!

Okay, I am not really advocating naked partying, I am just trying to express the fact that I am not depressed anymore…

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