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Please come to my blog page and join us on my post that has 44,712 comments, and help us set a world record!!!

Basically, I invented the chat room blog post. You can rant, rave, do stand up comedy, seduce yourself… or others, as long as you are tasteful. This is a family blog, dagnabbit! Go in and leave random comments, answer old … Continue reading

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I can hear you out there, judging me in your minds…

Stop it!!!

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Sorry, this is all I have to give you…

Also, I am going to start a new blog series called: Fun History. I am listening to this English guy’s podcast about the history of England at work, and after 50 episodes, we are only up to Richard the Lionhearted. … Continue reading

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Well, I just ordered the first copy of my new novel…

I will see how the cover lined up, and look for glitches and technical errors. Then I will put the link on my blog with the other books that nobody is buying. HA! And don’t panic. I already started two … Continue reading

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So, how do I add videos to my blog posts, dagnabbitt???

I got my sporty new phone. I have been playing with the slow-mo video. I have stuff to share. It is time that I figure out how to put videos in the blog… but I am a computer moron. Do … Continue reading

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Let’s make a cover for my new novel; a step-by-step blog series, and I want your input!… part 11… the results are in!!!

Here it is… I mean, sort of… the very first mock-up of the cover for my new novel, as determined by excessive testing and polling. This is the background you liked best. This is the text setup you liked best. … Continue reading

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