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Oh yeah… 4,500 followers… one or two of which are actually still looking at my blog…

So, that’s something.

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So, uh, how would you go about editing this into a book???

Okay, this is just a random sample of a small part of my post that has over 45,000 comments. We are trying to set the record for the most commented-upon post ever done on wordress by someone who isn’t a … Continue reading

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So, about my post that has 45,047 comments…

Visit it. It is right over there, at the top of the sidebar on the right. I do not suggest that you visit the comment post for my own benefit. Everyone should go there. You can vent, you can rant … Continue reading

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Sorry, new people, but this ain’t no travel blog… part 2…

This is where the crack squirrels that live inside my head come to play, hopefully keeping them too busy to chew on the wires up there.

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Please come to my blog page and join us on my post that has 44,712 comments, and help us set a world record!!!

Basically, I invented the chat room blog post. You can rant, rave, do stand up comedy, seduce yourself… or others, as long as you are tasteful. This is a family blog, dagnabbit! Go in and leave random comments, answer old … Continue reading

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I can hear you out there, judging me in your minds…

Stop it!!!

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Sorry, this is all I have to give you…

Also, I am going to start a new blog series called: Fun History. I am listening to this English guy’s podcast about the history of England at work, and after 50 episodes, we are only up to Richard the Lionhearted. … Continue reading

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Well, I just ordered the first copy of my new novel…

I will see how the cover lined up, and look for glitches and technical errors. Then I will put the link on my blog with the other books that nobody is buying. HA! And don’t panic. I already started two … Continue reading

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So, how do I add videos to my blog posts, dagnabbitt???

I got my sporty new phone. I have been playing with the slow-mo video. I have stuff to share. It is time that I figure out how to put videos in the blog… but I am a computer moron. Do … Continue reading

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