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Have I mentioned that I love Photoshop?… part 2…

Any crazy, silly idea that pops into my crack squirrel-infested mind, I can make it happen!

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Hey, tRump, I hope Mueller probes you like a lonely, psychotic alien scientist…

Also, I am so stoked that so many women won political offices!!! I know, that was a bit of a subject change… but… politics! Am I right?

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She sells seashells wherever…

Okay, this macro photography thing is really confusing me. Like many kinds of art, there are multiple ways to achiever roughly the same effect. All this time playing with the three macro zoom lens my son-in-law loaned me, and he … Continue reading

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Artistic filters on an alien from my action/humor science fiction novel series…

Neon alien… good name for a punk band. Groovy rainbow alien… good name for what was going on in my head during most of the 70’s. Dark alien… good name for a sci-fi television series. Instead of making up funny … Continue reading

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I tried to fit in, I really did…

But this planet is just driving me crazy. I know that some of you did your best to make me feel like I fit in. Because you could sense that I didn’t belong, even though you never suspected just how far … Continue reading

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So, about those aliens in my latest science fiction novel…

I have decided, as I am doing the final edit-read through of the fourth book in my action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles, titled: Otherwheres Colide, and soon to be available over there—> in my sidebar–> with my other … Continue reading

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The fourth book in my action/humor science fiction novel series is done!!!

I have sent it to the publishers, along with the cover art. I have ordered a copy to proofread. Self-publishing rocks. My daughter, whom I am visiting in Arizona, you might recall, decided that just formatting and sending all my … Continue reading

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