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Yes, I am getting older… and so is the cartoon me… but I am still weird!!!

See, the cartoon me used to have brown hair, and a goatee. The new cartoon me reflects the changes that are happening to me in real life. The young cartoon me was a wild and crazy guy… Especially when I … Continue reading

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Uh… this is weird even for me…

Everybody is either eating turkey, sleeping or┬ábusy with something else. We are doing Thanksgiving tomorrow. That’s just how it worked out, it’s a long story. So I was looking at that picture of me in the post I did about … Continue reading

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I am still really busy…

So here is another post from the very early days of my blog. Just to keep you busy and so you don’t have to go digging as if you were hunting fossils… not that you shouldn’t do that anyway… because … Continue reading

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