Pictures I just want to clear off my phone…

a 1

So, yeah…

a 2

A bunch of sunset photos, and my dogs being cute…

a 3

I really should bring the good camera to work for the sunsets.

a 4

But that seems a little unprofessional.

a 5

Although that picture would have been a lot better with the real camera.

a 6

But I do what I can.

a 7

Every now and then, I see the clouds in the sky lining up with the reflections of other clouds in the mirrored windows at work.

a 8

It isn’t always perfect, but I feel like if I take enough of these pictures…

a 9

Someday I could take the best of them and do something silly with them.

a 10

Baby lizard on our screen door!

a 11

Another of our dogs, this one pretending she is a wild animal.

a 12

And some more sunsets.

a 13

Who doesn’t like sunsets?

a 14

Unless, you know, it is the sunset of our democracy.

a 15

That isn’t nearly as pretty to watch… although it also has a lot of orange in it.


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2 Responses to Pictures I just want to clear off my phone…

  1. Halbarbera says:

    Great and varied shoots

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