Sleeping pets, owls, fog, and another Southern California sunset…

Another great sunset the other night.

My job as a security guard lets me watch the sunsets over a pleasant valley.

It also lets me see lots of wild animals. Raccoons, coyotes, snakes, lizards, tarantulas, and owls. I tried to take a picture with my phone of this owl on the top of a two-story building. My phone does not like low-light work from any distance.

But just a few minutes later, I saw the same owl, and another owl, in a tree by another building. I know, it is hard to tell, but there are two owls in that tree.

Our three dogs and one cat have been sleeping extra cute lately.

The cat sleeps on the top of one of the back-pillows on our couch.

She has her own little nest.

Uh… between the couch and the Ottoman?

Life it just funnier upside down sometimes.

The fog creeping in at work.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I do like fog.

So, back to that sunset…

I wish pictures or words could really capture a sunset.

But it is the best way we have, so…


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