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The most astounding sunset I ever saw… and I have seen a lot of sunsets, I mean, I do posts about them all the time… remember when I tried to post a sunset photo every night for an entire year?

Yes, all these fires raging in California did allow me to visit Yosemite and be almost the only person there. But they have played havoc with the sunsets on my trip to the Bay Area to visit my mom for … Continue reading

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My Yosemite adventure… part 2… Half Dome, a very famous rock… or, well, uh, half of a very famous rock?… a very famous half-rock?…a famous rock half?…

As I said in the first three posts in this series… what?… yes, I know, this is titled ‘part 2’, but there were two posts before part 1, that were really part of… you know, you should really try to … Continue reading

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Okay, you guessed it, I went to Yosemite… (with some disturbing photos of a smoldering California)…

I was only planning on doing a day trip, but I ended up staying over night. I took a lot of pictures. I have to think about how to present them, and which to post, because this is only the … Continue reading

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Detours: A California adventure… the final chapter; Almost home…

Back in Southern California… sun-drenched… palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breeze… I mean, yeah, a lot of those palm trees now look like burnt matchsticks… And, days after I took these photos, on my three-day adventure through California, … Continue reading

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Detours: A California adventure… part 18; A detour within a detour, a brush with future disaster, and a blackened landscape…

That is the sun beginning to set over the Pacific Ocean. I was on another detour… the last of this three-day, detour-strewn adventure from Northern California back to San Diego. I was firmly back in Southern California now. Traffic really … Continue reading

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Smoke makes for a colorful sunrise…

The fires are still burning around San Diego. This is what the sky looked like this morning from my street… When I first woke up and glanced outside, I could see the sky lit up with amazing colors… I know … Continue reading

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I hate to keep bouncing back and forth from flowers to fires…

I do the pictures of the flowers we saw on our trip to Maui to take my mind off all the fires burning in San Diego. But then I see all the smoke, and it turns out that fires are … Continue reading

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