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Clearing off the phone photos…

Just sharing some recent photos. You know, like I do. I have some flowers. Just things I spotted when I was out doing stuff. I found a cool leaf. And there was one day where the clouds sort of looked … Continue reading

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Just another evening at work in Southern California…

Just another San Diego sunset. Just pink fluffy clouds and palm trees. Just the sky gettin’ all weird. Just Mother Nature showing off. Just colors and light. I mean, the smoke in the air from all the fires helps. But … Continue reading

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Clouds… because everybody loves clouds, right?

Clouds reflected in glass. Some of these I took with my camera, and some with the camera on my phone… in my phone? I guess if you can’t tell which is which… It doesn’t really matter. I took all of … Continue reading

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Stripey sky!!!

We had stripes… straight lines… in the sky here in San Diego the other day. And not just in one part of the sky, either. They were scattered around. And there were light stripes in front of darker clouds, and … Continue reading

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I promised you a sunrise… I didn’t say I was going to get out of the car…

Oh, calm down… I’m just being silly. I have tons of pictures of the sunrise, taken from all along highway 1. And there are stories… with photos… about… uh… stuff… and mammals… lots of mammals. And I am exhausted from … Continue reading

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Making art of Art… part 14…

Oh yeah… a picture of a picture of me… inside a picture.

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I took these pictures a few weeks ago, when that big tropical storm was floating around off the coast of Mexico, blowing some cool clouds our way. It was such a crazy patchwork of textures. And there, mixed into the … Continue reading

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And of course, the sun continued to set in the West…

You know, like suns do… I took all of these from my mom’s deck… The Bay Area has some awesome sunsets, but there were two nights when we were there that just called out for me to grab my camera… … Continue reading

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So you don’t have to think about stuff…

… here are some pictures of rainbows and fluffy pink clouds… You’re welcome…

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Because I care so damn much…

Here are a couple of pictures of San Diego sunsets for you to look at… you know… if you have finished reading all the tweets in the last post… But no cheating. No sunsets for you if you haven’t finished … Continue reading

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