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We ended up back at this place…

You might recognize it. It was a big part of a movie called: Some Like It Hot, with Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, and Tony Curtis. My wife and I stayed here once for her birthday weekend. I did posts about … Continue reading

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Why, yes, I do even make jury duty look fun, don’t I?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I had jury duty on the same day… technically, she forgot she had it, and rescheduled to the day I had it… but… still… There I am, at the new, … Continue reading

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Two completely unrelated stories from my life, done with alternating photos… because I have been busy… and it’s funny to do it this way…

That is a very drunk me. It was taken by my wife, at that Western-themed restaurant near Hollywood, when we drove up there the other day to see a comedy show. That is a very sober me, a selfie I … Continue reading

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Another San Diego sunset…

I will do the rest of these in the order I took them, but this one struck me as being the best lead in. It was just one of those jaw-dropping sunsets. The kind that a photograph never does justice … Continue reading

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Some flowers, some baby ducks, some fish, a guy playing with fire, and a paddle wheeler boat… in San Diego???

We went down to Mission Bay, here in San Diego, last night. Just for the heck of it. I took a few photos. Because I know how much you love that. I took these at the Catamaran Hotel. Because in … Continue reading

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Comic Con… how to train your dragon…

No, that isn’t someone in a costume, that is a life-sized dragon… that you could sit on and have your picture taken… And then this guy climbed on, while I was taking pictures of the dragon… And I have to … Continue reading

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Comic Con… I am Groot… and stuff…

Yup. Some of the well-costumed people literally spend all day doing nothing but photo ops. Old school Doctor Who. Let’s play ‘spot the flaming skull guy!’ Comic Con attracts a lot of people, some of whom just hang around outside. … Continue reading

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