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More random photos from work…

Clouds in shiny glass. Nature and not nature juxtaposed. Artsy! Identical buildings, one reflected in the other. I like my pictures of sunsets and birds and flowers and clouds, but I sometimes let the artist in me run wild, see … Continue reading

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In unrelated news: I figured out how to get those annoying little Bitmoji things from that phone app onto my computer, so you are all going to be driven crazy with little cartoon versions of me for a while… HA!

Also, there was another nice sunset at work last night. Ans, I got me a sweet new ride for work… Oh yeah… And I have to admit… I had no idea how fast they could go. Does this convex mirror … Continue reading

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What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

Well, mostly they are here because I still have some photos I took when I was there at Christmas, but there is a tie-in or two. Firstly, there is the ever present irony of the fact that when you are … Continue reading

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Hey tRump, if you want a wall so badly, why don’t you build it yourself…

The real irony here is that, if he wants a wall built in the United States, the odds are that he will end up paying quite a few Mexicans to help build it. That is just the truth. Maybe a … Continue reading

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To my friends at work… especially my new friend, Sherlock… because she is awesome…

You are the only reason I can keep coming to work. Believe me, it isn’t the money that keeps me coming back. Making you all laugh makes me laugh, and keeps me sane. I will miss you when I am … Continue reading

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Monkey on a stick; (or) How to mess with the other security guards while at work…

Oh yeah, you haven’t really lived until you hear a call going out over the radios for the private security officer at the South gate to go outside the guard house and see if there is a monkey climbing the … Continue reading

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Having some fun at work…

See, people just aren’t expecting a security officer in a monkey mask. Oh yeah! And I had a visit from this little guy. I named him Irving.

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