You know, there is a reason they call it the ‘Golden’ Gate bridge…

And it has nothing to do with that gold rush thing.

So of course while I was visiting my mom in the Bay Area, I went up into the Berkeley Hills to get some sunset pictures for you. Wrong time of year for nice sunsets, and the haze from the fires that are still filling the sky with smoke in California, mixed with a light misty fog, did not bode well for a nice sunset.

But I stuck around… for you.

A little color began to appear in the sky.

Not the reds and pinks we all like so much, but still, very nice.

It had a feel to it.

It looks a little different without the telephoto lens.

But you take what you get with Mother Nature.


But that is about as golden as golden gets.

So we will take it.



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4 Responses to You know, there is a reason they call it the ‘Golden’ Gate bridge…

  1. The golden sky of a sunset over the Pacific, really beautiful 🙂

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