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More random photos I took of California sunsets, for those of you who aren’t interested in helping me design the cover of my newest novel…


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Some random sunset photos, while I begin to organize the pictures I am going to use for the cover of my new novel… part 1…

So, I am narrowing down my choice of which picture of my daughter, from the photos I took way back when, to use for the artwork for the cover of my newest novel, which is almost done being edited, and … Continue reading

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Oh, California…

Okay, you caught me… Yes, this is a photographic tribute to my home state… But mostly it is just more of the photos from my recent trip with my daughter to see some wildflowers and play in the snow… Interspersed … Continue reading

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What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

Well, mostly they are here because I still have some photos I took when I was there at Christmas, but there is a tie-in or two. Firstly, there is the ever present irony of the fact that when you are … Continue reading

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Feeling blue… and green… and purple… and some other colors…

Okay, this is just an excuse to post a few more of those photos I took from the Berkeley Hills that night over Christmas vacation when I went up there with my mom to see the sun set over the … Continue reading

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Sky and water… more random photos that I took in the Bay Area, that night my mom and I went to watch the sunset over the Bay Area from the Berkeley hills…

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Fun with the sun… (or); Instead of just showing you the rest of those photos of the sunset over the San Francisco Bay that I took when I went with my mom into the hills above Berkeley during Christmas vacation, what if I intersperse them with copies upon which I worked some digital magic… part 4… special ‘liquefy filter’ edition…

I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time playing with the ‘liquefy’ effect in Photoshop! It has a twirl option!!! I tried to twirl only the sky and water in that one. But the smudgy tool is fun too. … Continue reading

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