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Stick together… part 20… I’m just tryin’ to find the bridge…

Bonus points if you knew the title of this post was a tip of the hat to Led Zeppelin. Also, I miss the Bay Area. Advertisements

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San Francisco sunsets, from a photo I took when I was there at Christmas time…

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A digital view of a San Francisco sunset…

The ’emboss’ filter… Not an improvement on the photo I took at Christmas time, but it does look cool. The ‘neon’ filter is interesting. I forget what that filter is called, but I like the way that only the Golden … Continue reading

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Detours: A California adventure… part 1; Goodbye San Francisco…

I left my mom’s house on New Year’s Eve, after the Christmas madness, the house full of too many people, family drama, people getting sick, the double Christmas dinner, the exhaustion and post-Christmas letdown… and I stopped on Treasure Island … Continue reading

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Because, really, who ever gets tired of Bay Area sunsets???

So yeah, my two daughters and I, along with a couple of my brothers and a nephew and niece, all went down to that dog park overlooking San Francisco Bay. If I look happy, it is because I was just … Continue reading

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A vase that looks like a sunset, a heart trapped in glass… and a real sunset… that looks like a vase… maybe?

My mom loved the vase I made for her in my glass blowing classes. It now resides on top of her old player piano. My wife loved the little vase I made for her in colors that match our remodeled … Continue reading

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The reflecting pool… part 8…

One more with the Golden Gate Bridge… because I was just there, and drove across it.

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