Some sunsets; sum sunsets, sun somesets, some sonsets, somesunsets…

a 2

I call that one: ‘dinner at sunset’.

a 1

I call that one: a photo of a sunset.

a 3

I don’t really go to the trouble of naming all my photos.

a 4

That would be silly.

a 5

I am not sure if that classifies as a sunset or not. More of a sunbeam thing.

a 6

But the sun was sinking lower. It was a pre-sunset warm up.

a 7

And no, these were not all taken on the same day… but it is the same sun.

a 8

Well, that isn’t a sunset at all. It was morning. But we had some weird cloud cover.

a 9

It was one of those weird weather days, when you don’t know if it is going to rain or hail or typhoon or tornado.

a 10

But no, none of that happened.

a 11


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