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Dear Donnie, it is a magic marker, not a magic wand… part 1…

We all remember this famous image of our president trying to convince us that he hurricane was going exactly where he wanted it to go because of his clever use of a ‘magic marker’. But what if this idea extended … Continue reading

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Adam Ruins Everything… a TV show you should really watch…

The premise is simple enough. This Adam guy, using quoted and reliable sources, explains why so much that we humans do is just crap. If you are a cynic like I am, this will make you giddy. If you aren’t … Continue reading

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This is so freeking awesome!!!

I know, putting videos on your blog is not that groundbreaking for most of you. But those two videos I did today of me snorkeling on the reefs off Maui on my second honeymoon open up a whole new world … Continue reading

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Oh, forget about the crack squirrels…

Try this instead. Just hold down the scroll button on my blog. I have the infinite scroll set, so you can just keep going. Trust me… try it… the longer you do it… the farther you go… the stranger it … Continue reading

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If you read my whole blog…

… from the very beginning, you will know me as well or better than you know any other person on this planet. I’m not saying that it would be a good thing. Or that you will like me as much … Continue reading

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