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Holy f*****g s***t, do not ever use a microscope to look at yourself too closely!!!

Oh, don’t panic. That isn’t even the gross part. That is just my puckered lips. This, despite the title of this particular post, is still a family-friendly blog. But if you ever do get one of those digital microscopes that … Continue reading

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Sim confessions… (or); How I let my daughter get even older than me…

That is my older daughter, Jessica, who is now much older… even though she is really barely past her mid-twenties. Look at her…¬†polyester blouse and slacks, sensible shoes, a stiff back because I had her working in the garden for … Continue reading

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I am still really busy…

So here is another post from the very early days of my blog. Just to keep you busy and so you don’t have to go digging as if you were hunting fossils… not that you shouldn’t do that anyway… because … Continue reading

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