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Holy f*****g s***t, do not ever use a microscope to look at yourself too closely!!!

Oh, don’t panic. That isn’t even the gross part. That is just my puckered lips. This, despite the title of this particular post, is still a family-friendly blog. But if you ever do get one of those digital microscopes that … Continue reading

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Up close and personal; fun with micro-photography… a closer look at an American 20-dollar bill… and don’t worry, this time I won’t try to make you play my game where you have to guess what the pictures are of… because when I did that earlier, nobody even tried to… sigh… part 2…

See, I even told you what these pictures were of right in the title! No stress, no pressure, no games, just look at the pretty pictures. I am having so much fun with the little digital microscope I got for … Continue reading

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