I figured out what is weird about my back-pain meds…

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Mu head feels like it is in two places at once. They gave me an anti-anxiety med for my back pain, which is supposed to work ad a muscle relaxer. I don’t know if it is helping my back at all, but here is the thing… (hello, thing)… it slows down the message pulses that your brain sends to your body. I tired to turn my body while doing some simple task. My brain told my body to stop when it was facing the way I wanted to be facing, but my body didn’t get the message right away. I was turned past where I had wanted to stop turning. This means that, if you lean over, you might keep going.

Here is one other thing about this drug. I feel slightly nauseous all the time. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but an anti-anxiety med that makes you feel barfy is counterproductive. Nothing induces anxiety like the feeling that you might blow chunks at any moment.

But my back does feel a little better, even though this is the worst drug combination ever. The heat pads are doing most of the work. That and time. I mean, it isn’t even an enjoyable high, like most good pain meds are. So, there you go.

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8 Responses to I figured out what is weird about my back-pain meds…

  1. Try to stick with the heating pads as much as possible. I know back pain very well. I use a combination of heating pads, ice packs, Ben-Gay and stretching. Since I’m often sitting at my desk, I make a point to stand and rotate my torso and squat, just to relieve that tension. Good luck!

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    This sounds hideous. My only suggestions for alternatives to the pills are illegal, I’m afraid.

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