What a long, strange trip it’s being… part 7… (or); This is why we are in New Mexico…

Our younger daughter Mollie started nursing college at the University of New Mexico.

They have a great nursing college there. Also, Mollie’s boyfriend Ben lives in New Mexico, near the college. Coincidence? I think not!

Mollie is going to be a great nurse. Since she was young, she always healed anyone or anything that was sick or injured. She is a natural. They have a ceremony for new students called the ‘White Coat Ceremony’, where the faculty welcomes the students and present them with their first official white coat. We rented a house to see the ceremony live… and… uh… covid.

So we all watched it on a live stream. Check out the official Albuquerque decorations.

Mollie, taking the nurses oath.

It was pretty awesome. Also, we could drink margaritas, which they wouldn’t have let us do in the presentation hall, I suspect.

Mollie rocked it. She was the only one to pull off the double arm simultaneous sleeve entry gambit.

Yay, Mollie!!!

The excitement was palpable, as you can see by this photo of her sister Jessica and her brother-in-law, Jason. (Just kidding, this was taken earlier, before the show started).

So, yeah.

Go Mollie.

And it snowed one night. Which is probably more exciting to us Southern Californians than to some of you.


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