Bones… part 6… special ‘sexy otter’ edition…

a 1 copy

Is that really the skeleton of a sexy otter after I did some digital mirror image magic on it?

a 1 copy 4

I am not even 100% sure it is an otter skeleton, let alone a sexy one. I keep forgetting to look at the tags when I Google skeleton images. I have seen a lot of otters. I have done posts with pictures of otters from more than one of my adventures I go on to entertain you people. I looks like an otter to me. I suppose that the skeleton may have been posed to took like it was floating on its back on the ocean or in a lake, as otters do…

But here is the original image I found…

a 1

Sure maybe that otter was posed to look like it was relaxing. But it does sort of look like it is posing for a centerfold shot. Hence the ridiculous title of this post.

Also, just so you know, I tagged this post with the term ‘sexy dead otter’ and if anyone shows up here because they found it using that search term, I am calling the police… and the SPCA… and a psychiatrist…

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