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About my books… part 2… I have my new hook to write another book…

As I mentioned, way down there below the crazy bone pictures and the Trump observations, in part one of this series, my newest book is, for all intents and purposes, done. That would be book four of my action/humor science … Continue reading

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The Seven Kingdoms… chapter twenty five…

(Author’s commentary); I know, I promised you a battle in this chapter, but it took me a while to get everybody ready to go… so… next chapter… I swear… Also, I really had fun writing the part of this chapter … Continue reading

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Getting in touch with my inner Englishman…

I must admit that writing a novel on the blog is a huge undertaking. The story is sort of writing itself now… the crack squirrels are speaking with English accents, which is absolutely adorable… but there are downsides to this … Continue reading

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Chapter Two… Honor Misplaced…

Here is the next chapter of the novel. I think I am beginning to develop a rhythm. I am feeling very English all of a sudden. Oh, and I added two of you as characters to the story so far, … Continue reading

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How does this sound?

I just got some great advice… from Sofia Leo over at http://iwonttakeit.wordpress.com/ … I am going to write an entire novel in one month right here on my blog and then just post it over to NaNoWriMo. How about that? I … Continue reading

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I write just like Stephen King…

Okay… simmer down… let me explain before you call me a pompous ass… there will be plenty of time for that later… I was listening to NPR, the National Public Radio… I know, I’m old… on the way to pick … Continue reading

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More Ancient History…

I found yet another old project in the vaults… so to speak. Way back in the 70s, I started my first novel. It was a post-apocalyptic adventure that took place in a world decimated by an asteroid strike. The catch … Continue reading

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