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Bones… part 7… now with no words for you to have to read… and isn’t that nice of me, not typing a bunch of words in the post and expecting you to actually not only read them but process their meaning and perhaps even make some sort of coherent response with words of your own that you would also have had to type, because, really, why would I lay that sort of responsibility upon you, I mean, this isn’t your blog, so why should you have to do stuff???

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You know how sometimes you want to type something sarcastic…

But there isn’t a special ‘sarcastic font’ to let the person you are typing at know that you are being sarcastic… and then you overdo the sarcastic tone and just come across like a jerk? And do you remember when … Continue reading

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What I have learned from trying to break the record for most comments on one blog post… part 3…

We had a party this weekend on our post where we are trying to break the record for most comments. I am not fast at typing. I can’t keep up with more than two or three people all commenting at me … Continue reading

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