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Wait, how many books have I self-published now, exactly?

Well, I am not good at math, but that looks like 8 to me. A four-part action/humor science fiction series, two self-illustrated books for kids, a murder mystery set in London during World War Two, and my newest novel, a … Continue reading

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So, uh, how would you go about editing this into a book???

Okay, this is just a random sample of a small part of my post that has over 45,000 comments. We are trying to set the record for the most commented-upon post ever done on wordress by someone who isn’t a … Continue reading

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A poem for a new friend: Light Dances…

LIGHT DANCES   Light dances unseen through the bleak reaches of space, ignoring the darkness, born of the wrath of the spindrift stars. Light strikes the ethereal shield around the earth-mother, tinting the edges of the sky with subtle watercolors. … Continue reading

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Have you ever considered how great the word ‘hold’ is?

You can hold a person tight, or hold them at arm’s length. You can hold a conference, or hold an opinion, hold a conclave, hold a position, hold someone in high or low esteem, hold your horses, hold the phone, … Continue reading

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I have a vision of the future, which starts next year, so I am calling it my ’20/20 vision’!!!

Okay, it isn’t a very clear vision. You might even call it a blurry vision. And it has more than one part, so I guess it is a double vision… or maybe a division. I had to fix a bit … Continue reading

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Bones… part 7… now with no words for you to have to read… and isn’t that nice of me, not typing a bunch of words in the post and expecting you to actually not only read them but process their meaning and perhaps even make some sort of coherent response with words of your own that you would also have had to type, because, really, why would I lay that sort of responsibility upon you, I mean, this isn’t your blog, so why should you have to do stuff???

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Pouring my art out…

Colors collide… careen… crash… “Paint with me”, they beg Words whisper and wander… “Write with us,” they plead Inside the tiny vastness of my mind a storm rages… waves of imagination crash against a shoreline of bone… seeking release from the confines of … Continue reading

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Spiders of the world wide web…

We dance on strands made of words and ideas… we cast about ourselves a nebulous web of that which we hold most dear, and then perch upon the gleaming, silken filaments… we hope to lure others to see the beauty of … Continue reading

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Otherwheres Collide… (A humorous science fiction thriller)… Chapter 15…

Chapter Fifteen   Lim’s four little legs started to wobble, making him unsteady, though his shark-toothed jack-o-lantern grin did not waver. “It’s all right, you will look just like the Doraimee, you just have to sound like him. Can you … Continue reading

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