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So, uh, these two are going to meet to discuss the future of the world… the final chapter…

The sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a thermonuclear first strike. Advertisements

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What is THIS thing called, Love?

Okay, obviously I mean ‘what is this thing called love?’ I stole the title from a line in a Benny Hill sketch, and when the girl said it, it was funny. But this is another of those posts where I … Continue reading

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An interesting experiment to see how positive… or negative… your blog is…

Just go to that little search button below your top bar, and type in the word ‘love’. See how many blog posts pop up when you hit the search button. Then, do the same thing with the word ‘hate’. I … Continue reading

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Eat shit and die… (or);Happy Valentines Day!!!

One thing my wife got me for Valentines Day is this little plastic toilet filled with sour, purple candy. To eat it, you lick one of those two little plungers, and then plunge them into the candy dust. Then, you … Continue reading

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And I get paid for this…

Okay, yeah, my rates are lower than teenage girls who babysit… but to be honest, sitting for my friend’s twin boys is actually a lot of work. The thing is… hey, we haven’t had a ‘thing’ for a while…  I … Continue reading

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Stolen moments…

The attractive young lady in the foreground is Lucy. She is the step-daughter of one of my oldest friends. I love her like a daughter… but I still stole these pictures off her Facebook feed. They were taken at my … Continue reading

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The anti-swastika! Peace, love and tie-dye!

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