Making the big money… part 1…


Just playing with my digital microscope.


I am almost done with the paper money, including ones from my travels.


This post focuses… HA!… on an American two-dollar bill, and a British pound note.


I am starting the post with the two-dollar bill.


Then the pound note.


See if you can tell when the pound note shows up.


These are all taken at the zoomed-out level of the digital microscope. I was thinking of running it over these same two bills on the really-zoomed-in level after this, if anyone is interested. If not, I will start on some coins, after a suitable break for other stuff.


Uh, that is two lips and a nose. At this level, you can see what things are.


I did notice a strange thing on the back of the back of this bill. There is a reproduction of a famous painting done as an engraving.


When you zoom in like this, it is funny how many people in it look like George Washington.


Not all of them do.


It is amazing how these dots look like little people through the naked eye.


Ooooh… fancy shoe buckles!


1776 was a good year… for freedom!


That guy didn’t shave.


And that rude gentleman still has his hat on indoors.


Does anybody want to see all this even closer?


We can zoom in until those lines fill most of the image. You can see the filaments in the paper. You can see the ink spreading into the paper.


Or are you sick of this. I do wonder what the coins will look like.


They might be boring, but I doubt it.


Uh… does that say: kofefe???


I know what that is.


Could you tell when we moved on to the pound note???


I want to watch a documentary about printing money!


Is that Issac Newton???


Did you know he was on the back of the pound note?


Oh yeah, I would recognize his fingernails anywhere.

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4 Responses to Making the big money… part 1…

  1. leegschrift says:

    Is it Starbuck’s money? Buy me a coffee.
    In my dreams, those wild wild dreams the money is always greener, somewhere over the boarder. Which boarder? Sorry, did I say something. No, of course I didn”t!

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I knew it was Newton, because I have a British pound note too – also a 5 Pound, and a Scottish 1 Pound. Newton returns among the British coinage. The 2 Pound coin does not have milled edges. Instead, they are engraved with his quote, “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.”
    Nice toy! Must be fun. 🙂

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