Show me the money!!! More micro-photography fun…

a 1

I figured, as long as I had my digital microscope out, I would do some more pictures of money.

a 2

That looks like a blanket made out of popcorn kernels… but it isn’t.

a 3

Melanoma moles??? No!

a 4

These photos, not including the first one, or some that will come later in the post, are what happens when I use the really intense close-up view of the microscope on a bill from Mexico.

a 5

Yes, even paper money is surreal when looked at up close.

a 6

You see details, but you don’t have much context.

a 7

You can’t make sense of what you are seeing.

a 8

It could be almost anything.

a 9

But it is interesting.

a 10

When you zoom back out to the next level, you can see more area. You can make sense of some things, as long as those things are really small to begin with.

a 11

You can see shapes, instead of one little part of a shape.

a 12

It looks more like a thing than a something.

a 13

It is all a matter of scale, of perspective.

a 14

I couldn’t even find that eye when I was zoomed way in.

a 15

I find all of this fascinating, and most of all, I love being able to catch a photo of what I am looking at.

a 16

Seriously, get one of these digital microscopes. They are pretty cheap. You just plug it into your laptop and go.

a 17

Explore nature and the world around you.

a 18

And you can scan yourself and your family and friends for malignant growths.

a 19

So maybe you can write it off on your taxes as a medical expenditure.


Okay, I will do more of these. I have paper and metal money from all over the world, some from my travels back when Europe had more kinds of money. But tomorrow I am going see if, with my daughter’s help, I can get some really close up views of spider webs.


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