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Free your mind, and your ass will follow…

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Come on… you know it’s true…

Words to live by.

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Taking photographs is an art, and like all art, it has hidden depths worth exploring. Just framing a nice shot in the lens of your camera is fun, and you can end up with some great shots, much like doing … Continue reading

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There is only one gift good enough for you… and that’s me!!!

Merry Christmas… or happy whatever you do or don’t believe in day!!!

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Some thoughts on Christmas and Jesus by a guy who isn’t religious…

I guess one thing that always bothers me about the new, more militant religious conservative Christians, is their complete failure to grasp the message that the person they claim to follow was really trying to teach his followers. Not once, … Continue reading

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Christmas reversed… and revisited… because this another old post I am reusing… HA!

How about if one year, we try being NICE to each other and visit each other and buy presents for each other, and wear festive colors, and sing silly songs, and decorate things and hang colored lights for 11 months, … Continue reading

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You know, I might just be deeper than it seems like I am…

… I mean, I’m not saying I am, but I might be…

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