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Finally, a potato chip for the ultra-wealthy: A silly commercial from my Pouring My Art Out podcast, done in silly video form for my PMAO blog!

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This week in the life of my cellphone… (or): I finally grew a potato big enough to eat, oh, and I saw an elephant on the freeway…

Yeah, I grew that potato. I cut it up. I cut it up more. And I cooked it in butter, with just a dash of pepper and some Mediterranean seasoning mix. Obviously the butter was the only way to go. … Continue reading

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Clearing off those phone photos… street art, a sunset, a dog, some fog, and some potatoes…

My potatoes are growing!

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Clearing off random photos from my phone, which will lead to… uh… other random stuff…

A perfect little rose in my garden. My kitchen orchids are blooming again. Sprouting potatoes. More on that later. So, unless that is the weirdest natural cloud formation ever, it looks like a jet plane did a complete circle in … Continue reading

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