More random photos from work…

a 1

Clouds in shiny glass. Nature and not nature juxtaposed. Artsy!

a 2

Identical buildings, one reflected in the other. I like my pictures of sunsets and birds and flowers and clouds, but I sometimes let the artist in me run wild, see if I can find some art hiding in plain sight, in places you don’t expect to find it.

a 3

I like that there is grey sky above the building, but blue sky in the reflections.

a 4

My wife and daughter stopped by to bring me sushi. I guess my daughter took this, through the car window, as they pulled up and caught me on my break. HA!

a 5

Not the best photo, but I love my hawk buddy. I see him almost every day.

a 6

If I could bring my real camera to work, I could get some awesome shots.

a 7

But there is only so much you can zoom in with my iPhone. I also see a coyote and a raccoon running around at night, but I haven’t managed to get any photos yet.

a 8

We had a brief rain shower, then the sun came out. I was interested in the way that the water ran into the cracks on the slanted parking area, and the cement below dried out first.

a 9

I’m sure there is some interesting thermodynamic name for this. Or maybe that would be hydrodynamic.

a 10

Fluffy clouds!

a 11

I like to put twelve pictures in each post. It is just a habit. So I leave you with a couple of my extra sunsets.

a 12

Okay, see you soon.

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